Jenifer “BooBoo” Herman is Kali’s OG, having been filling out spreadsheets and adjusting budgets here since 2012.

Jen is frighteningly good at her job and her love of numbers is a little weird to the rest of us, but we can live with that. She is the mother of three semi-adorable children who love to come tear it up here on our dirt playground whenever they get the chance. Actually, let's be honest, her kids love to “tear it up” wherever they are. Jen is a moto girl at heart and loves all things motorcycle.

She is also an avid collector of body ink and her collection is nothing short of impressive. But the main thing that you need to know about Jen, is that she is the queen of Kali Halloween parties… maybe more like the queen of Halloween in general, winning the costume contest (almost) every year.


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