Maya Full Face Child - Artist Series

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The Maya Full Face Child is the best of both worlds for your little hucker.

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The Maya Full Face Child helmet converts from an added piece-of-mind full face to a ready-for-the-trails enduro lid with the press of a button. Okay, to be more accurate two buttons, but you get the idea.

Is this helmet for you?

The helmet comes equipped with Composite Fusion technology and uses Quad-Core, Kali’s proprietary LDL layer, to protect against low-g hits.

WEIGHT: 520 g / 18.3 oz


SIZING: One Size   50-54 cm

Why we do what we do

Our Artist Series Collection was created in support of a few of the many individuals that have been overlooked during COVID-19. These individuals are self-employed and are facing challenges getting unemployment or small business loans. We have partnered with these artists to create a unique, limited edition collection with 100% of the profits going directly to the artists.

Kali Protectives came from a breakthrough in safety technology - Composite Fusion, a process that bonds the helmet shell and foam enabling us to use a thinner shell, creating a lighter stronger helmet. Lighter and stronger means a safe helmet with less mass attached to your head.

The Kali Story

Kali is focused on making the safest helmets on the market. Brad Waldron, founder, believes all helmets are too hard and the current testing is antiquated, so he has taken it upon himself to push the boundary of helmet technology. His goal is to build the safest helmets on the market at all price points. He knows his best helmets are yet to come, so he continues to cut open, crush and test helmets constantly. Whatever your discipline, Kali has you covered.

Meet the Artist

Andrea Irmscher

Born in eastern Germany, Andrea was convinced she would never discover the world’s beauty beyond the bounds of her home. She dreamed of visiting exotic places full of nature, sun, and dschungel.

As time passed, doors started to open to reveal endless opportunities. Andrea studied design in Dresden where she practiced shaping, coloring, and creating. Over the years, Andrea enjoyed traveling and finding inspiration in new cultures she encountered. Yet, she also tired of nonstop design work for her employer with little variety in projects.

The birth of Andrea’s daughter changed her life. Now, Andrea lives with her family in a tiny house near Nuremberg at the edge of a typical German forest - her personal dschungel. In her spare time, she teaches drawing and volunteers in her community. Although she feels freedom and peace at home, Andrea never stopped dreaming of endless summer, dschungel, and exotic wildlife and continues to include them in her work to remind us of the beauty of nature.


comprehensive protection strategy

When we design our helmets, we take into consideration all types of crash scenarios — from twisting and turning, to rotational and sideways, and especially the types of accidents that are indescribable. We account for impacts of all shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, this is what keeps Kali Protectives founder, Brad Waldron, awake at night.

We realize there are a lot of “trends” and “buzzwords” saturating the bicycle industry and helmets are not immune to this manufacturing approach, but Kali has no interest in integrating technology into our helmets simply to create a marketing opportunity, follow a trend, or sticker our boxes with fancy terminology.

Our strategy is to constantly be rethinking, reworking, and testing to make sure our helmets keep your brain as safe as possible as well as stay up with the latest style trends. The goal is to create the safest helmets on the market, so you have peace of mind while out on your favorite roads, trails, and jumps.

We strive to keep pushing the envelope with the best designs and materials and to implement useful protection into all of our helmets regardless of their intended use or price-point.


lifetime crash replacement

You crash it. We replace it.

It’s that simple. We don’t do this as a marketing stunt or because we have lost our minds.

We do this because what we learn from crashed helmets informs everything we do. We have you return your crashed helmets so we can take them back into our lab to cut them open, measure them, and dissect them. We then use the information we gather from the unlucky few who test our helmets in ways we cannot recreate to build the next generation of Kali helmets.

Of course, we prefer you never have to use the Lifetime Crash Replacement policy and suggest you replace your Kali helmets at respectable intervals. Let us reiterate once again, please leave the testing to us.