2018 Sea Otter Classic

Another Sea Otter Classic has come and gone. As always, it was great to see familiar faces, as well as new ones. Last year we opted out of the booth, and we were back at it again this year. Out of the booth, and feet on the ground.


Elevate KHS


Friday, team Elevate KHS worked like a well oiled machine that brought Nick Torraca second on the podium on Saturday's 75-mile Road Race.

Sunday, day-4, brought a dual podium from Cory Williams and Scott Law, taking first and second in the Men's Pro Circuit Race.

With feet on the ground, we had one-on-one time with the team.




dave smith

Proving that age is really just a number, Dave Smith, otherwise known as Shuttlesmith Dave, took top podium placement for the Mens' 60+ Enduro race!

If you don't know him, Dave is the local party-bus conductor of Shuttlesmith Adventures hailing out of Aptos, CA who shuttles locals and visitor alike up to the legendary Demo Forest. He's been a long time Kali supporter and all-around great guy. We're stoked to see him out having a blast and giving words of wisdom to the younger shredders.

It wasn't all about the win, but about having fun. And that's why we love Dave.


Jonna johnsen

Almost an upset! Our girl from Mexico, Jonna Johnsen, went head to head against Jill Kintner in the Pro Dual Slalom race, Friday evening. Not even thinking that she had qualified into finals, she was more than surprised learning of her qualifications into finals.

However, on Jonna's run against Jill, the course took the best of her as they both raced into the straightaway down the hill and Kintner took the W.

On the DH course, Jonna took 13th.
In the end, she's got the attitude of a winner. It was all about the fun. She will be back next year!



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12-time National Trials Champion, Mike Steidley and fellow stunt rider Robbie Pfunder, were able to meet and greet with some of the newest generations of bike enthusiasts. Mike's stunt show is to showcase that you don't need huge kickers, or hoops to jump through to become a professional athlete. 

"All of these stunts, we learned how to do outside on the curb in front of the house."