Interceptor Review - Pinkbike

These days, you can't throw a stick into the forest without hitting a rider who's wearing some type of enduro-inspired helmet, and for good reason. Up until a few years ago, you either chose a relatively feathery cross-country lid if you were pedaling or a hot full-face if you were shuttling, but the new breed of trail and enduro helmets offer more protection, loads of venting, and only a marginal weight penalty over what is essentially a road bike helmet with a visor stuck on it.

Kali's $180 USD Interceptor is one of many enduro half-shells on the market, but it employs some unique technology that sets it apart from other helmets. This includes Kali's Low Density Layer inserts that are said to protect against smaller, less violent but much more common impacts, and also their Nano Fusion shell that uses multi-density EPS with acrylic self-healing foam and carbon nanotubes.



The Interceptor is one of many trail/enduro helmets on the market touting improved safety through the use of added features and technology, and while it's not perfect - the easily solvable visor rattle isn't ideal - the helmet's class-leading venting and comfort make it worthy of considering it against any other option out there.

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