Kali Kamp 2018 - Sedona, AZ

First held in 2012 as a one-off retailer invitational event in Southern California, Kali Kamp has grown and evolved into a tradition at the Kali office and, let's face it, an excuse to ride bikes in an amazing place with friends both old and new. The format is now well established. Pick an awesome place to ride, pack for 2-ish days of riding, invite a good crew of local riders and retailers, bring plenty of food and "hydration", and let the good times roll.

2018 marked the 6th edition of Kali Kamp and for the first time it took place beyond our Californian backyard in another MTB bucket list destination - Sedona, AZ. This year, 22 riders from 13 Arizona shops and industry partners met up with the Kali Krew in the Village of Oak Creek.

The brainchild of Kali National Sales Trainer, Jon Sacks says, "we do Kali Kamp in an effort to get these dealers out of their shops an on the trail. We want them to try our products in real-world conditions and show them what Kali is all about - being safe, having fun, and riding rad Kali gear."

As the Kampers rolled in, they were greeted with amazing views of Cathedral and Bell Rock jutting up from ground level, the trademark Arizona red rocks standing in stark contrast to the pale blue sky. If the views were any indication, this Kali Kamp was going to be something special.

Upon check-in, riders received goodie bags with a Kamp itinerary and packed with swag from supporting brands. The KHS Tiki Bar provided snacks and refreshments by the pool while people settled in and built up their bikes, followed by dinner and live music at PJ's Village Pub.

Thursday marked the first day of riding for Kali Kamp. Chomping at the bit to get on trail, the riders assembled into A and B groups. The sky didn't look friendly as rain was forecasted for the afternoon, so ride time was not not set in stone. 


Eventually, ride time was cut short due to rain and some hale. Reluctantly, both groups made their way safely back to the hotel. No crashes, no mechanicals, and no bad times spoiled the awesome first day of riding at Kali Kamp.

After cleaning up and refueling, the group reconvened for a Tech Talk with Brad Waldron, Kali owner, and lead engineer, before heading to up the road for dinner. "We don't get our customers to drink Koolaid, we drink IPA," Jon Sacks. Waldron covered an array of topics, including, helmet design and testing, new projects in development, and answered many questions from all in attendance.

"I really enjoy this event for its chill vibe, one-on-one discussions, and great riding with good people," said Waldron. "It's hard, if not impossible, to replicate this quality time in the day-to-day chaos of a shop. So, we really appreciate everyone coming out to join us for a few days riding."

Friday marked the second day of riding and, sadly, the last day of Kali Kamp. This time, all riders rolled out in mass as a group, headed towards Chicken Point on the east side of Hwy 179. Kali Ambassador and Sedona local, Simon Bosman, served as trail guide. Along the way, Simon schooled the young bucks and amazed the rest with his skill and agility on a mountainbike. 

Using years of trail knowledge to his advantage, Simon decided to put on a show by riding the infamous White Line. Although two riders decided to follow him up to the line, Simon was the only one bold enough to roll out on to the edge.

The day and Kamp ended much like it began - big smiles, great company, and awesome views. We all left Kali Kamp with great memories and new friends to look back on. 

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for this event and hope they left with a greater understanding about Kali, of the men and women behind the mask, and why we love what we do.

Until next time, be safe, have fun, and ride KALI!


Thank you to all the Kali Kamp sponsors and supporters. 

San Tan Brewery
Lizard Skins
KHS Bicycles
Hammer Nutrition

Orange Seal
Genuine Innovations
Holiday Inn Express - Sedonna Oak Creek
Photos by Vic Armijo