Kali Road Warrior Goes Rouge Enroute to Moab for Outerbike

The road to Moab for Fall Outerbike was rugged and raw on this trip. Having an extra week between events gave me the opportunity to take all of the scenic routes and deserted highways. Deciding to stay away from all major cities and freeways, I roughly plotted a route that cut directly east from Mammoth to Moab. It was such a drastic difference from the high-speed schedule that I usually keep while traveling for work and it allowed for more time to engage with the ever changing landscape. 

Starting with the first glimpse in the Eastern Sierras, we seemed to be chasing the changing of the aspens all the way across the high-country. The further east we went, the deeper the glow of green fading to orange and yellow. I have always loved the changing of the seasons and this trip provided the ultimate experience as we rode the wave of change across the western states.

Each time we saw the Aspens, we also saw fresh snow. It was changing seasons rapidly at higher elevations and there were a few nights of snow flurries and colder temps. It made for some great scenery and exciting driving conditions but we pushed on towards the warmth and sun of the desert ahead. 

Taking a slight detour, I jumped ahead to Fruita, Colorado for a quick ride. I had never ridden there before and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen. With a solid recommendation from a friend, I checked out the “Lunch Loops” area closer to Grand Junction. It did not disappoint! With recent rains in the area, the trail conditions were super prime. After finding my way to the top of this plateau, I stopped to soak it all up before dropping into “Free Lunch”. It was everything you could ever ask for, and then some.

Part of my plan to visit Fruita was to set myself up to approach Moab from the northeast along the Colorado River instead of taking the usual route on 191. It was a good plan. Dropping into the Colorado River Canyon from that direction is like kicking your Moab trip into hyperdrive with towering red rocks, mesas, and spires that have been cut out by the river and eroded over time.

After staking out our spots at the venue area, a few of us jumped on a shuttle to ride “The Whole Enchilada”. This was the 4th time I have successfully made it all the way to the top of Burrow Pass as it is often snowed in and inaccessible. I can honestly say that this ride provided the absolute best conditions I have ever experienced on this epic trail. Riding with the crew from Terrene Tires just added an extra element of excitement as we danced down the trail in full shred-mode. With nearly 7000 feet of descending, this trail takes you through several different climate zones, each with their own unique character and terrain features. If you haven’t had the opportunity to ride this trail yet, please do yourself a favor and put it on your list!

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