KRW - Spring Outerbike 2018

Spring Outerbike in Moab is like the mountainbiker butterfly coming out of the cocoon. After a long winter, it’s time to spread your wings and dry out in the dessert! Unless it’s raining sideways, sandblasting everything in sight, and sending tents flying into the dessert night.

Despite the intermittent stormy conditions, it was still a great weekend of riding exciting new bikes and challenging terrain. The desert came alive with a fresh blast of moisture and warm sunshine that flung us into Spring. There were flowers blooming everywhere and the buds on the trees opened up to let the cycle of growth begin anew. As always, it’s a great start to the season!


If you missed the Spring session, have no fear - you can check out Moab for Fall Outerbike when the weather will be warmer and the snow has melted off in the high country.

The highlight for me was riding the "Notch" on this trip. I have ridden the "Snotch" a few times before but I had not ventured over to the "Notch". Thanks to much encouragement from the crew, I found the confidence I needed to squack through safely. Checked that one off the list!