Shiva 2.0 Carbon vs. Avatar X Review - Loam Wolf

Anyone that rides bikes knows this isn’t a cheap hobby. Just getting a decent bike is enough to leave your bank account looking like a 6-year old’s piggy bank. That may not leave you with much dough for all the gear you need to safely ride that bike. It’s tempting to cut a few corners here and there to save some green, but at the same time it can be hard to choose what are acceptable budget products to use and where you should spend those few extra dollars. Helmets are a place you don’t want to skimp. We reached out to Kali, a brand that values safety above all else, to compare their more budget minded Avatar X helmet with their top of the line Shiva 2.0 Carbon. What exactly is the difference between a $300 helmet and a $550 helmet? Let’s find out.

The Avatar X is Kali’s second tier helmet offering, falling above the $100 Zoka but below the Shiva. Despite the lower price point, the helmet still boasts composite Fusion Plus technology, a process that bonds the helmet shell and EPS foam eliminating the air gap found in traditionally constructed helmets.

The Shiva 2.0 Carbon is Kali’s flagship helmet. It’s also the model tasked with keeping the mad man Nicholi Rogatkin safe while he spins his bike enough times to make the average mortal puke standing on solid ground. To accomplish that task, Kali uses a blend of their Nano Fusion and LDL technology.

The Wolf's Final Word
The question then rests on whether or not it’s worth the extra cash to buy the $550 Shiva 2.0 over the $300 Avatar. Ultimately it’s a personal decision that a rider must make in regards to safety. As riders that have all had nasty concussions before, we can say with complete certainty that we would pony up the extra dollars for the safest option available– the Shiva 2.0. 

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