Design Director

Alain Lanusse, Design Director, sees things in ways most others don’t. He sees the world through the eyes of a designer. Where most other people see red or blue or green, he sees colors in Pantone codes. It’s not just red, it’s blue #171796, a medium dark shade of blue-magenta. It’s not just green, it’s green #00ad43, a medium dark shade of green-cyan.

This is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing to have someone as talented as Alain overseeing all of our product development and a curse when you try to get him to settle for “good enough.”

When Alain is not pouring over color palettes, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Nicole and their three beautiful children, riding bikes in the deep and steep of Santa Cruz and throwing raucous parties at his San Martin home. He can typically be found blasting his music or asking if it is time to get tacos yet, even if it’s only 9:00am


Alain Lanusse’s Product Picks

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