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Why register?

Kali offers customers who have purchased and registered a Kali bicycle helmet a Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement (LCR) Policy. If you have a Kali bicycle helmet and experience a crash that results in damage to the helmet, you may file a claim to have your helmet replaced by Kali. You may be required to ship your helmet to Kali for inspection prior to receiving a replacement helmet.

How do I participate in the LCR Policy?

First, please register your helmet below. This should be done soon after purchasing your helmet and must be done prior to filing out an LCR claim. Then if you find yourself needing to replace your crashed helmet, fill out our LCR Claim here.

How do I know if my helmet qualifies for replacement under LCR?

Your helmet must have been damaged in a crash to be eligible for replacement under LCR. As part of the claim process, you will need to submit photos and a description of your crash for review and approval by Kali Warranty. The Warranty representative will then provide instructions on how to proceed.

If your helmet has damaged or broken parts due to a manufacturing defect, please refer to our Warranty Policy. 

Why do I need to send in my old helmet?

You must be willing and able to submit your helmet for inspection, if requested, to be approved as a crashed helmet before a replacement can be sent out. Kali uses these crashed helmets for testing and in-depth performance analysis. 

If we receive your helmet for inspection, but it does not qualify for replacement under LCR, the helmet will be shipped back to you at your expense.

Is the LCR Policy available where I live?

The LCR Policy is available to Kali customers around the world. You are responsible for the cost of shipping and this may vary depending on your location and the location of the nearest Kali LCR center.

What happens if I crash the LCR replacement helmet?

If you crash your replacement helmet, Kali will offer a 25% discount towards the purchase of a replacement helmet. Contact for further details.



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