Riesco rolls into 2020 with big plans

Riesco rolls into 2020 with big plans

Well 2020 is here. And we got a chance to catch up with Forrest Riesco, a #kalikrew member from the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada and we wanted to give him a chance to reflect on 2019 and look ahead to 2020. We love watching him ride his bike and if you're not a fan, you should be. 

Looking back on 2019 I feel like  it was a good year with lots of ups and downs, of course. But with racing this is inevitable. I knew that's what I signed up for when I started down this trail.

Topping the list as a highlight would definitely be placing 15th at the Val di Sole World Cup. All The work I put in over the last 10 years of racing was all been leading up to that moment. And yes, I know it’s cliche to say it, but it was definitely worth it. To tick off a goal like that was one of the most satisfying things I've done in my life thus far.

The turn the clock forward from there one week and I found myself in a very different situation, sitting in a Swiss hospital awaiting surgery to piece back together my broken wrist. You just have to take it as it comes.

I dealt with the injury. Took the opportunities it presented and now I'm back on the bike and loving it. 


Moving onto New Year's resolutions and I will be making some very big changes for this coming year. 

First up is not changing anything at all. 

Let me explain. For the past 6 years of racing World Cups I have been open to learning anything and everything I can about how to be a better mountain bike racer and constantly looking to improve my technique, mental game, bike setup and the hundreds of other things that go along with being a successful racer. 

I will always keep an open mind to advice given by others and new ideas. But for me right now with the position I am in I'm putting a heavier focus on "applying" and less on "improving". I am comfortable to say that I am happy with how I can ride a bicycle and feel that what I need now is to put this into action.

For 2020 I will be sticking to what I know and putting it into practice under the clock.

As a racer, if you are making any big changes to your program January 1st, then you are already way behind. 

Most of my decisions were made and my goals set by the end of September. That gives me 6-8 months to put in the work on those goals.

The goals I've set for myself coming into 2020 are a top 10 at a World Cup and top 20 in the World Cup overall series. Of course,  these goals scare the crap out of me. But if your goals don't do that then you can be certain they're set too low.

I've got a lot of amazing people and companies behind me and a great program, so I’m excited to see what 2020 holds. 


Photos by Jake Davidson

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