The Interceptor 2.0 - Back and Better Than Ever!

The Interceptor 2.0 - Back and Better Than Ever!

The Interceptor 2.0 is the latest trail helmet from Kali Protectives. We loved the original Interceptor’s commitment to safety with its RHEON™ Low Density Layer for addressing rotational and Low G hits and Cassidian™ Nano Core for energy dissipation for major impacts.

Kali Interceptor 2.0

At the core of RHEON™ technology is an energy-absorbing super polymer. It is soft and flexible in its natural state but absorbs energy by stiffening when subjected to force. When formed using our patented computational design techniques, RHEON™ is created into what is known as a metamaterial. Delivering new properties that were previously thought impossible with conventional materials. 

Kali Interceptor 2.0

CASIDION™ NANO CORE is a revolutionary product for safety headwear designed to protect the head from the kinds of dangerous traumas caused by impact and shock. The technology is based on the most recent research into the dynamics of accidents and is designed to protect the most delicate and fundamental part of the human body, the brain. The scientific research that led to the development of CASIDION is based on the need to provide a solution that would go beyond the performance of all other materials commonly used for the production of protective headwear.

We use SUPERVENT technology, where we add injection molded polycarbonate vents with an inner skeleton to create larger size vents and disperse energy across a larger area allowing us to use a softer EPS density and retain overall strength. We’ve also included TPR glass grippers for easy to load sunglass storage that fits a wide range of sunglasses. 

 Kali Interceptor 2.0

First up on the redesign was a better visor. This visor offers more coverage, looks awesome and has two easily adjusted positions to dial in your preference. It uses alloy screws to keep the visor firmly attached while using a flexible material in the event of a crash.

Secondly, we went to work on the fit. We updated the Interceptor to the Frequency Fit System with a 3-position vertical adjust to really lock in your fit. We then updated the web dividers to our new Slide Fix easy adjust dividers that are svelte, sit flush with your face and allow you to find an optimal position. We include two sets of antimicrobial pads, the bug net pad comes on the helmet and the summer pad is in the box.

Finally, we finished the Interceptor 2.0 with the beloved Fidlock magnetic buckle and with that Kali Protectives is proud to reintroduce the Interceptor 2.0


“One of my jobs at Kali is to test ride our products," said said Brad Waldron, Kali Founder. "The improvements by our development team to the fit system, visor function and improved looks has changed the Interceptor 2.0 from a helmet I need to ride to the helmet I want to ride. These changes have made the Interceptor 2.0 my go to helmet.”

The Interceptor 2.0 is available here on the Kali Protectives website and at all the best bike shops around the World. 

Kali Interceptor 2.0

About Kali Protectives: Since 2008, our goal has been to create the safest helmets on the market, so you have peace of mind while out on your favorite roads, trails, and jumps. We strive to keep pushing the envelope with the best designs and materials and to implement useful protection into all of our helmets regardless of their intended use or price-point.

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