The Kali 100: Bedtime Bicycle Bonanza

The Kali 100: Bedtime Bicycle Bonanza

Greetings from the Kali World Headquarters. We would like to introduce you to our new semi-regular story series called The Kali 100.

We, like most of you, have been stuck at home or at least close to home for well over a year now and we have been going a little stir crazy and, dare we say, downright bored and unappreciative of our local rides. It had gotten to the point where it didn't matter which bike we were on, whether it be the road bike, the mountain bike, the dirt jumper or the gravel grinder, we were hating on our rides and we longed for somewhere else.

Then Stephen Stills reminded us we needed to  “Love the One Your With.” So this series is our tribute to the greatest 100 yards of any and all locals rides.

We start with a little story from our friend, Jakob Schiller, out of Albuquerque, New Mexico where his favorite 100 yards is not deep and steep or especially scenic, but his most beloved stretch of street is right outside his front door, and he loves it for its ability to wear out his boys before bedtime.

We hope you enjoy the story and if you have a few minutes why not drop us an email with your Kali 100, so we can share it with the whole Krew.


Several nights each week I head out with my five-year-old son Marcos and three-year-old step-son Yusuf for an after-dinner bike ride. They’re still amped from the day and need to burn off some energy. We throw on jackets, gloves, and hats and then strap on helmets. It’s usually dark so we also turn on bike lights and they both head down the driveway on their pedalless strider bikes.

At the street they turn left and start pushing furiously with their feet. Both balance well so it’s fun to see them scoot and glide, scoot and glide. Yusuf likes to ride his bike back and forth across the street in a zig-zag pattern, leaning into each turn as he heads the other direction. Marcos likes the sidewalk because the down section of driveways give him a little boost.

We only make it two blocks, or a little more than 100 yards, because just to the west of our house is a little park where they insist on dismounting, taking off their helmets, and playing with our dog Rosie, who walks with me while the boys ride. The boys team up and play tug-of-war with Rosie using her leash until one side loses interest. Then the boys climb the knobby Mulberry tree at the east end of the park. 

When they’re bored with the tree, both boys grab their helmets, get back on their bikes, turn their lights back on, and start to scoot back home. If they’re getting tired and grumpy the ride home might take a little longer because one of them will complain. When we finally get back to the house we hang up their bikes and helmets and take off all their warm clothes and they jump in the bath. Then it’s bedtime and time to do it all again tomorrow.  

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