Small Moto brings Big Plans

Small Moto brings Big Plans

Tommy Bryant rolls up on his motorcycle and he looks like a GIANT. It turns out it’s not because he is abnormally tall, it’s because his motorcycle is causing an optical illusion. He's rolled up on his 2018 Kawasaki Z125 Pro. He assures it’s completely street legal and has plenty of power to get him around. As a matter of fact, he’s had to convince the Bakersfield Police of this on more than one occasion. 

“I’ve been pulled over because they see the bike and wonder if I should be on the road with it,” said Bryant.

Bryant was born and bred in Bakersfield. His dad was not a fan of “ball” sports, so he and his brother were raised riding bikes, motos, skateboards and surfboards. 

“A true SoCal upbringing,” said Bryant. “I stayed on two wheels for most of my life. I have been in the bike industry for 25 years and in the moto industry going on about five.” 

He loves his Z125 because he can roll it and his mountain bikes into the back of his Ford Transit Adventure Van and get down the road. His favorite trip so far was riding the closed section of Highway One all the way up the coast to Big Sur.

Bryant has a passion for travel and loves finding new places with his Swede wife. If the travel can include his bikes, then it is a total win. 

My favorite sensation from riding is the sense of speed, said Bryant. “We weren’t born with wings, so this is my form of flight.”

Bryant got into moto at the ripe old age of three. His dad, who was a rider and novice racer, bought him a motorcycle as a gift. That first moto was a  Italjet 50 with training wheels.

If Bryant could ride anywhere, it would be everywhere with his wife. 

“I’d love to buy another adventure bike and ride around the world,” said Bryant. “I’d bring my wife on my trip and hope I’d be able to keep up with her. She’d probably buy a faster moto for herself.”

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