Barrett-Hay cuts vacation short, makes a run for the border

Barrett-Hay cuts vacation short, makes a run for the border

In the midst of all this craziness surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, we thought we would check in on our Krew to see how everyone is holding up and to get their 2 cents on the global situation. Here is what one of our athletes, Brayden Barrett-Hay, had to say

"This Corona outbreak has been quite scary! I feel like its being blown a bit out of proportion but that we still need to be prepared and put a hold on travel to delay the outbreak in order for them to discover a vaccine. I was down in California planning to spend the week getting some practice for upcoming contests, after just driving across the states. While I was in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz it became a state of emergency. At first i wasn't too concerned, but then Trump began closing travel, meaning people were getting trapped where they are. Being a Canadian having free health care I was instantly a bit on edge, I felt it might be time to get home! Then sporting events, concerts, or anything with a crowd worldwide began being canceled. Hearing this really worried me, as I was about a 18 hour drive away from being back in Canada and heard rumors of our borders closing. Next morning I packed up my car and hit the road! I literally pined it, with stops it took me about 20 hours to be back in Canada and at my sisters place. I was quite nervous to cross the border with what I was reading about 14 day quarantines for people traveling out of country. I guess we just missed that, they just asked where we had been and if we felt sick! Easily back in Canada!

Since being back, i'm now trying to figure out my schedule for the next few months is probably going to be tough!! I'm now hearing contests in April and leading into May will most likely be canceled. I also have some video stuff trying to be planned, and one trip to Chile in three weeks, but really concerned to travel anywhere until this hopefully calms down! Not as worried about becoming critical or dying personally, but more so potentially contracting it, spreading it and being trapped in a foreign country during the outbreak. Especially after seeing just how out of hand people are getting in Canada and the US right now!! Also concerning just for day to day riding, as my family is quite concerned and really want me avoiding most public places!! 
Crazy times! I hope everyone is safely able to hunker down and hopefully let all this pass quickly!!" 
Stay safe out there.

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