Wyatt King

Wyatt King

Wyatt King is more active than your average fifteen year old even for a bike rider. He doesn't even play video games, really he is always outside. He started off riding like most kids around five years old on a department store bike he only remembered as red and janky. He couldn't stop chuckling and spinning back and forth in his chair both times I asked about it. He learned to ride and how to take his first of many falls in the front yard of his old house on Watsonville Road.

 Five years after he initially learned to ride, he really started to really get into biking. Jumping his more proper bike off some not so proper sketchy wooden ramps in his backyard. One time he and his cousin even tried to jump them with a tricycle. From the sidewalk, to the skatepark and even to and from school everyday, after his typical crepe breakfast containing apple slices, butter, and cinnamon sugar cooked in a pan briefly... No wonder he has so much energy! He was hooked, constantly on his bike riding all around his hometown of Morgan Hill. 



Currently King is on his high school's Cross Country team and races Downhill. For fun he rides dirt jumps and enduro. Most times he only rides with Zac West at Kali’s backyard jumps but when he goes to Santa Cruz and rides trails by the University (UCSC) his group can get up to twenty. He always tries to make it back to his two favorite flowy but also rough and rocky trails Kevin’s Playground and Jugs. Two trails I was informed are great for shuttling thanks to King.

West has been friends with King for almost two years now. When they met he and his dad were riding together like they usually do.

"His dad is a super cool guy always taking him out riding and to all the north star races and is just super hyped on the sport," said Zac West, Kali sponsored rider. "Him and his Dad help out a lot here at the Kali jumps, they even lend us some of their heavier equipment to make these big jumps happen."

West really enjoys riding with Wyatt because he’s always ready to go, always ready to try something new and always talking up a storm.

"He's a super fun guy always excited and hyped and I think that’s the most important thing with riding," said West. "Even if you’re not the greatest rider, it’s easy to progress with people like that. That’s why I like to ride with him a lot. "

He’s progressed so much since when they first met. He didn’t really know how to hit jumps, but now he’s sending it over the air bag and big line. He's even learned to do a tuck no-handers over the biggest jump at Kali Headquarters.

 King has a passion for riding that is easy to see but at certain points can get enough of it despite being so active.

"When you ride everyday you gotta give it a break or it can get boring," said King.

That is why different activities like ripping his backyard pit bike track and going fishing are a must for him. He fishes alone a lot, just him and his little kayak most of the time at Anderson Lake or a hidden pond off the side of the road close to his house. No matter what King is down for or plans on doing, the stoke is always there you can even hear it in his voice. It's cool to see a kid his age so juiced to get dirty and do things outside in this time of devices and the internet.


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