Pace: The Great Go Everyday, Go Anywhere Helmet

Pace: The Great Go Everyday, Go Anywhere Helmet

Our resident helmet protection geek, boss and all around great guy, Brad Waldron, is excited to announce the launch of Kali’s all new helmet, the Pace. This in-molded helmet puts our Low Density Layer (LDL) technology in your hands at an affordable price point to ensure that even on the most leisurely of rides, you've got the linear and rotational protection expected from a Kali lid. We sat down with the Waldron for a few minutes to talk about where this helmet came from, why it took so long and what secret protection sauce he has baked into this new helmet. It’s always fun to hear how excited he gets about his protection technology and on top of being packed with protection, we think this is one fine looking lid!

You’ve named your new helmet the Pace. Who is this helmet for?

This is an all-mountain helmet. Something I would expect anybody could and would want to use, no matter what level of rider they are. This could double as your tool around town helmet, a great helmet to pull on if you are going for a ride with the kids. This is a great everyday, go anywhere helmet. 

The helmet was leaked a while ago, but it is just becoming available now. What happened there?

Sometimes we just get super excited about what we have going on and when the initial prototypes arrived, this helmet was way better than even we expected. The first runs were just super dialed. It was ready to show. Then you stop and realize you have to make the other sizes and dial in the stuff that is required to actually put the helmets on the shelves. We had to put the brakes on for a minute, but we’re still super excited about how this helmet turned out in the end.

You’re a technology nerd, so have some of the things you learned over the years trickled down into the Pace?

The things I'm most excited about is to bring some of our LDL (Low Density Layer) technology down to an affordable price. Up until now, all the helmets we made that included LDL technology were well over a 100 dollars and the Pace comes in at 65 dollars retail, which is very exciting for me. It came from searching and searching for material options. This is material we found through dogged research and the fact that we can actually afford to put this technology, which I strongly believe in, into a helmet at this price point has me super excited. 

Can you please explain LDL to the layman?

In general, I believe all helmets are built way too hard. It has to do with the testing standards and the desire to protect against the worst of the worst hits. But the reality is 80 percent of our impacts are well below 100 g's, and we start to see brain trauma at only 50 g’s. So we, as an industry, have to start taking into account the small hits when we design our helmets. So many studies, including studies done at Virginia Tech and the Imperial College of London, as well as so many others, are showing brain trauma is happening way below what we are currently testing for. By putting in a Low Density Layer and starting to dissipate the impact sooner, we are helping riders be protected across a full range of impacts, from the small knocks to the big hits. 

So Kali is excited about the Pace?

We feel like it is a good looking lid, filled with great technology at a reasonable price point. It took a little longer to get it to you, but it’s tight. I wear one and I’m stoked to pull it on.

MSRP: $65.00
TECHNOLOGY: Low Density Layer (LDL), Composite Fusion
MATERIALS: PC Shell & Under Wrap, EPS Foam
FEATURES: Break-Away Visor, Anti-Microbial Pads, Locking Sliders
RETENTION: Micro-Fit Closure System
WEIGHT: 286 g / 10.1 oz
SIZES: S/M (54-58 cm) / L/XL (58-62 cm)

For more information on the Pace, click here!

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